On Tuesday, Dawson Buchanan, a former 2020 Trump campaign staffer, posted on his Twitter account that he was removed from his new job because a client from the company had found out that he worked closely with the reelection efforts of President Trump.

Last January, Buchanan was hired by Private Jet Services (PJS), a private jet company, which he had established rapport with. However, after the National Hockey League (NHL) found out about his past work experience with the campaign of President Trump, he was fired, Townhall reported. Buchanan had worked as a contract coordinator--he handled the conducting and coordinating of Trump's rallies.

In a series of tweets, Buchanan revealed how his employer PJS was threatened by the NHL that they would be cancelling their contract with them if they did not let Buchanan go.

"I called the owner of PJS and asked for any explanation, and he told me very bluntly: the @NHL found out I worked for the Trump campaign and threatened to cancel the contract with PJS unless they fired me," he shared on Twitter. Buchanan shared a thread of tweets and an explanation on his side of the story on the pain that he felt after receiving the news.

Disappointment was what Buchanan was feeling the whole time the ordeal was made. He felt that the company he now has previously worked with was trying to bully him into silence and by discrediting all the work he has done.

Buchanan had been a consistent and constant supporter of the President ever since "he descended the escalator in Trump Tower in 2015," he exclaimed. Buchanan never would have imagined that he would one day end up working with Trump during his reelection campaign.

He was born and raised in the Pyatte community in which he attended schooling at Crossnore Elementary, Avery Middle and Avery High School. After graduating high school, he went on to university to earn a degree in International Relations at Liberty University. In his final year of college, he gained experience by landing a job at the office of Congressman Kevin McCarty wherein he moved to Washington D.C. right after.

Growing up in a loving Christian background, Buchanan credits this for providing him the moral guidance that he needs in order to seize the opportunities that came into his way later in his life.

"People can say what they want about small towns and their religions, but I think that's what has driven this county and western North Carolina to such success is the strong, deep rooted Christianity and the people of faith. I know that I would not be here without my faith. I would not be here if God had not led me to do what I am doing," he shared with the Mountain Times.

With the elections done, Buchanan was disappointed with the results of the elections, as anyone who has worked closely in the campaign. While he would be making a return to the field of international relations, Buchanan believes that Trump has changed the political landscape in America, and foresees that it will not go away anytime soon.