The ex-Capitol Police chief testified that he believes the riot that happened on Jan. 6 was a "coordinated attack."

Fox News reported that on Tuesday, security officials from the Capitol Hill Police including former chief Steven Sund, acting chief Robert Contee from the Metropolitan Police Department, former House Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Irving, and former Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Michael Stenger appeared in the first Senate hearing to go over the failures in security that led to the breach and riot in Capitol Hill.

When questioned if they believed the attack was coordinated, former Capitol Police chief Steven Sund testified how the rioters came fully equipped and attacked when their team was not yet at full strength during that time.

Sund testified, "These people came specifically with equipment. You're bringing climbing gear to a demonstration, explosives, chemical spray - you're coming prepared."

"The fact that the group attacked our West Front 20 minutes before the event at the Ellipse ended - they were planning on our agency not being at full strength at that time," he added.

Sund believed "there was a significant coordination" with the attack given that Capitol Police were "dealing with two pipe bombs, specifically set right off the edge" to draw their resources away. Contee added that rioters have radio communication and used hand signals aside from using chemicals.

Irving agreed that with all the information provided, the Capitol Hill riot was indeed a coordinated attack.

"Based on the information provided by Contee and Sund, I would agree," Irving said. "The evidence would indicate a coordinated attack."

A few days after the riot in Capitol Hill, evidence surfaced that members of the extreme leftist group Antifa infiltrated the Save America Rally by supporters of then President Trump.

Credible sources like Alabama Representative Mo Brooks revealed the Antifa to be behind the murderous riot. His claims were backed by former FBI agent who confirmed that at least one busload of Antifa members joined the rally to discredit President Trump and his supporters.

Independent Journalist Tayler Hansen also said that has video evidence confirming the presence of the Antifa in the rally.

A report by Christianity Daily also revealed that the Antifa already had a protest ready even before President Trump finished his speech at the Washington Ellipse.

Raheem Kassam, editor-in-chief of The National Pulse, made an actual timeline of the events that happened on Jan. 6.

According to Kassam:

  • At 12:40 p.m., protesters were first seen to be at the Capitol Hill with flash bangs going off while Trump was still making his speech.
  • Around 1:00 p.m., which is 20 minutes later, the police officers were attacked by rioters.
  • At 1:09 p.m. the District Chief requests for the aid of the National Guard.
  • At 1:11 p.m., Trump concluded his speech at the Ellipse.
  • At 1:50 p.m., the protesters had breached the Capitol.
  • At 1:56 p.m., the speech attendees from Washington Ellipse arrived at Capitol.

Michael Yon, a war correspondent who has studied leftist tactics for many years claimed that the attack on Capitol Hill was instigated by the Antifa and their agent provocateurs (APs) which was very obvious with their tactics during the attack on Capitol Hill.

After a weeklong trial following his impeachment for allegedly inciting insurrection per the Democrats, former President Trump was acquitted by the Senate.