California pastor Mario Murillo suspects that electoral fraud is the reason why Democrats and the Left have attempted to suppress or censure anybody who questions the result of the American election. Combating deception, on the other hand, must be taken up by the church as its duty.

"We cannot escape and we cannot retreat from this sacred task," he wrote on his blog over the weekend. "America's future rests in uncovering and defeating this great evil. Your vote will never matter, if we do not do this. But I believe in miracles."

He pointed out that the ruthless censorship by Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google had nothing to do with national security. Rather, it was an effort to keep anybody from learning the truth about the previous election. Murillo listed attacks on Mike Lindell, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and anybody else who claimed that the last presidential election was rigged as examples.

"This is not just about vindicating Trump," Murillo clarified. "This is about your freedom-this is about your children's freedom."

Concerning the church's duty and reaction to the current political turmoil in America, Murillo offered a scripture that he believes firmly is God's message for the Church in America. The lines are from Psalm 94:12, 13:

"Blessed is the man whom You instruct, O Lord, and teach out of Your law, that You may give him rest from the days of adversity, until the pit is dug for the wicked."

He stated that these passages urge Christians to get training and to maintain their composure while God works to deliver justice.

"God is digging a ditch"

 Murillo stated that Trump's supposed delayed win was critical in order to expose the amount of wickedness in the government. He said that if Trump had just marched straight into a second term, the Deep State and the Swamp would have rendered him immobile. Furthermore, he would have been surrounded by those he mistook for his allies in the battle.

"Now, at least, we have the big picture. We see the mass network of corruption that is made up of both Democrats and Republicans," Murillo pointed out.

As for the "God is digging a ditch," statement, he said that it is taking longer than they had anticipated, but that the ditch must be large enough to contain the whole web of deception. Meanwhile, he urged Christians to be calm as they waited.

The "plot" will be exposed

 Murillo, who is also a revivalist, compares the current situation of the American church to the story of the Israelites in the book of Esther. A high-ranking official planned their destruction, but God intervened.

He also alluded to another incident in Nehemiah 4:14-15, in which the Israelites' adversaries attempted to divert and dissuade them from constructing their city walls. God exposed their enemies' plans and brought them to an end. Following that, the Israelites quickly continued their task of reconstructing their city.

On the subject of reconstructing the wall, it's worth noting for former President Trump's supporters that, in October 2020 - before the November Presidential election - acclaimed itinerant prophet and preacher Sadhu Sundar-Selvaraj warned Americans not to be misled by "wrong numbers" during the 2020 election.

He claimed that Trump has a dual mission to fulfill: the restoration of Israel to its glory for his first term, and the restoration of America to righteousness, which could be done during his second term.

Sadhu also accurately prophesied Trump's election as president in 2016, even before he won the elections at the time. The late Kim Clement also, in 2007, prophesied that Trump will be president of the country.