A research on the exercise of free speech in the United States revealed that Big Tech companies actually censor conservatives in Congress more than it does the liberals.

Investigative journalist Alec Schemmel released a study on Monday in NewsBusters that highlights the rate of censorship experienced by Republicans being more than Democrats at 53-to-1. Schemmel, who is a renowned freelance writer for major dailies, have previously "garnered attention" for his investigative work on Congress and the conservative movement.

"Big Tech overwhelmingly censors Republican members of Congress by a rate of 53-to-1 compared to congressional Democrats. That censorship has hit Republican Senators Rand Paul (KY) and Ron Johnson (WI), Rep. Jim Jordan (OH) and other Republicans in Congress," Schemmel revealed.

"Facebook and Twitter have used their censorship mechanisms at least 30 separate times against Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA), including five Twitter suspensions and the flagging of at least 24 tweets with some type of warning label. Democrats have had just one member from the last two U.S. congressional delegations censored," he added.

According to Schemmel, both Paul and Johnson's YouTube accounts have been suspended, with the former's content even being deleted. New Republicans running for the U.S. Congress were also not spared by Big Tech who have censored them a minimum of 15 times since November 2019. Schemmel said there was not a single example on censorship experienced by Democrat candidates.

Examples of such Republican candidates are lawyer J.D. Vance and Lauren Witzke. Vance is the author of the million-copies-selling book "Hillbilly Elegy" and experienced suspension of his campaign press account last week from Twitter. While Witzke previously ran against now-incumbent Delaware Senator Chris Coons and similarly experienced suspension from Twitter on two occasions during the weeks leading to the elections in 2020.

Previous reports showed how Republicans have experienced such censorship especially from Facebook. Reasons for such censorship given by the Big Tech companies were often vague. Former President Donald Trump was first to experience being deplatformed from all three Big Tech companies Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram due to the results of the 2020 Presidential Elections being "rigged."

The former president announced in July a class-action lawsuit against the Big Tech companies for their censorship of free speech. The lawsuit included 65,000 documented stories of Americans experiencing Big Tech censorship. While Republicans in Congress have unveiled in July plans to fight Big Tech censorship by giving the people the power to fight back through legislation.

Interestingly, Schemmel disclosed that Facebook is helping incumbent Democrat candidates win by censoring its opponents. This is based from the Facebook internal files uncovered by The Wall Street Journal that exposes a list the Big Tech company maintains for "shielding" government officials.

"While the program included most government officials, it didn't include all candidates for public office, at times effectively granting incumbents in elections an advantage over challengers," Schemmel quoted The Wall Street Journal in its report.

"'The discrepancy was most prevalent in state and local races' and has reportedly worried Facebook employees it could expose the company to 'accusations of favoritism'," he stressed.

Reports also revealed that the Biden campaign pressured Facebook to censor posts talking about voter fraud, election integrity, and questioning the dubious election results pointing to longtime politician Joe Biden as the winner.

In the face of being questioned for targeting conservatives during an October 28 congressional hearing, Big Tech CEOs were not able to defend themselves against such allegations since no instance can be cited to be experienced by liberals.