A Former NFL star encourages believers to be genuine Christians and live boldly for Christ.

 In an interview on "The Crazy Happy Podcast" hosted by Pastor Daniel Fusco and Billy Hallowell, former Bears linebacker Sam Acho urged Christians to be genuine and glorify God by using the gifts He has given. He pointed out that when God is glorified, people benefit and the world flourishes, The Christian Post reported.

He shared that his parents are immigrants from Nigeria and thus, his family would conduct medical missions to Africa while he was growing up. He continues the tradition of service by serving as an ambassador of Living Hope Christian Ministry, a group that provides medical services to people in Nigeria.

"[For] our parents, the foundation was education, it was hard work, but also faith in Christ and faith in Jesus, saying, 'I don't care what circumstance you're in, God is greater than those circumstances,' which is why we did those medical missions trips to Nigeria," he said.

Acho revealed that he used to "hide" his faith but that it came at a "cost."

"[But there was a] cost of hiding who I really was, not only on the football field but in the community," he said.

"You can't please God and please man. You can't serve God and serve your money or your fame or your fortune. Pick one or the other. The benefit of God is God ... He is the reward," he continued.

Acho also shared about his book that was recently released, "Let The World See You," which he said is about being "seen, known and loved."

He explained that that the book is for someone who feels ashamed and thinks that they have to hide for a reason. He added that the book tells about being free for the benefit of the people around and that the world thrives when people live according to how God created them to be.

He said that failure to live genuinely is because of "fear of man." He added that Jesus wants companionship and friendship with people.

"What I'm learning is that He loves us, He loves me, and not only does Jesus love me, Jesus likes us. I've always had this deep desire to be loved for who I really am, not for the things I can do, not for my highs ... but will you love me even in the bad?" he said.

Acho also revealed about the statement of his friend before he died, an advice that guides him in his daily thoughts and actions.

"He said, 'There is no greater joy than you will have on this earth, and God gets no greater joy than when you get to know Jesus. He said, 'Sam, the second thing I want you to know is that you are worth getting to know," he shared.

The athlete stated that God still accepts us even when we are insecure and loves us even when we are afraid. He also said that God is with us and sees the best in us. He further stated that we are all beautiful and broken, that life is full of ups and downs and that everything has a time and season.

Acho is currently the vice president of the NFL Players Association. He is also an author, philanthropist and "Athletes for Justice" podcast host.