COVID Vaccine Shots Kill Thousands And Send Even More People To Hospitals, Leading Doctor Says

COVID Vaccine

COVID vaccine shots allegedly kill thousands and send even more people to hospitals, says National Library of Medicine lead doctor Dr. Peter McCullough, according to a report.

The Liberty Sentinel said that McCullough, one of the world's top COVID-19 experts, warned the public about the deadly consequence of using the vaccine in an interview with The New American magazine. McCullough stated that thousands of deaths have already been reported from the administration of the vaccines. Despite this, the American government continues with its mass vaccination program.

The New American host, Alex Newman, explained the purpose of the interview was for the public to hear various views and opinions that mainstream media do not allow or report. Newman said McCullough was interviewed after they condcuted a series with various doctors and that McCullough actually developed a COVID-19 treatment protocol that has proved highly successful and globally-acclaimed. Besides being a professor in medicine and hands-on with COVID-19 patients, McCullough then was the right person to speak regarding the vaccines.

Newman asked McCullough in the interview if there was any possibility that deaths could have been prevented if protocols he devised have been pursued. McCullough affirmed that lives could have been saved through the administration of different drugs.

"This is a fatal viral infection. No single drug works. We need multiple drugs in combination," McCullough began.

"I testified in the US Senate in November 19 because--keep in mind there's an uptake of information and things weren't widely-known back in March," he added. "I estimated that we could have saved half of the lives lost. There are now current estimates of what probably about 85% of all the lives lost that could have been saved with what we call as sequence oral multi-drug therapy."

According to the Liberty Sentinel, McCullough revealed in the interview that there has been "many unnecessary deaths as a result of policy decisions made at various levels of government". The Liberty Sentinel pointed out that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention normally take off from the market any drug that has been reported with 50 deaths based on their VAERS surveillance system. Yet none has been done on the COVID-19 vaccines. McCullough cited, during his interview, precedents in American history with regards to the use of vaccines like the influenza that took out trials when deaths of 25 persons were recorded.

"The CDC has been very clear on this. They are completely optional. No one is obligated is to take these vaccines, simply if one wants to do so," McCullough clarified.

"I think the great concern is we haven't had fair balance on the vaccines with respect to its efficacy and safety. The government may actually be viewed as not being fair broker to patients with respect to information," he stressed. "The vaccine efficacy rate is 70% or 50%. That's not bad...but I don't want people getting the vaccine thinking they are being protected from COVID-19."

The CDC released on Tuesday that the VAccine Adverse Event Reporting System "has not detected patterns in cause of death that would indicate a safety problem with COVID-19 vaccines". The CDC said that 3,848 deaths among COVID-19 vaccinated people were reported to VAERs, which constituted 0.0017% of the 230 million US aministered COVID-19 vaccine doses for December 14, 2020 to April 26, 2021.

The CDC said they have reviewed clinical information regarding the reported deaths and this revealed "no evidence that vaccination contributed to patient deaths". It stressed that VAERs reported deaths after vaccination "do not necessarily mean the vaccine caused the death". The CDC highlighted that the COVID-19 vaccines remain to be safe and effective and pushed the public to get vaccinated as soon as one is eligible.