Former President Donald Trump And Wife Melania Attend Christ Fellowship Church On Easter Sunday

Donald and Melania Trump attending Easter Sunday worship at Christ Fellowship Church
A screenshot of a video showing former President Donald and First Lady Melania Trump attending Easter Sunday worship at Christ Fellowship Church. |

Former President Donald Trump and his wife former First Lady Melania attended on Easter Sunday the Christ Fellowship Church after a long absence, according to a report.

In a 45-second video clip posted at the new YouTube Channel The TRUMP HubUS, a pastor was shown acknowledging the presence of Donald and Melania to the congregation during Easter worship. The video showed that the people cheered after Donald was introduced. He was standing in front of the stage where the pastor was and looked at the cheering crowd behind him.

"President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were given a warm reception at an Easter Sunday service at Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens," stated the video's description.

The Christian Post (CP) reported that the Easter Sunday Worship was held at the multi-site evangelical Christ Fellowship Church located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The man who introduced the former president during the service was Senior Pastor Todd Mullins.

"It is also our privilege, my privilege to welcome President and Mrs. Trump to our service," Mullins joyfully announced.

The church's Easter worship continued thereafter in its regularly contemporary style, CP noted. Trump, however, did not stay after the worship to join the annual Easter Egg Hunt for he attended one at Mar-a-Lago, his private club where he had been staying ever since he left Washington, D.C. in January 20.

As per People, Trump was joined by his sons Donald, Jr. and Eric and his family in Mar-a-Lago for the egg hunt. People said Donald, Jr. posted a video in Facebook where he revealed the importance of the annual Easter egg hunt to the family, calling it "a little competitive" and look forward to experiencing "the same with our kids."

Christ Fellowship Church, in a statement sent to CP, stressed that all are welcome to attend the worship at his church even those who have gone missing for a while from service such as Trump and his family.

"We always invite and welcome everyone to join us at Christ Fellowship in celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. This year, perhaps more than ever, we hope that Jesus' message of hope and salvation spreads widely and brings joy to all who hear it," Mullins said in the statement.

Christ Fellowship Church's founder, Dr. Tom Mullins, was engaged in Trump's presidential campaign in 2016 as part of his evangelical executive advisory, CP reported.

As per the Christ Fellowship Church website, Dr. Tom Mullins started the church with his wife Donna from "a small Bible study with 40 people meeting in their living room" in 1984 and have grown to roughly 30,000 members meeting in a dozen locations across South Florida.

He handed the leadership of the church to his son, Todd, and his wife, Julie, in 2011 and has focused on leadership and vision advancement as a pastor of the church together with renowned author and international speaker Dr. John Maxwell.

CP also reported that President Joe Biden spent his Easter at Camp David in Maryland before he returned to the White House to give his message for the occasion. The media outlet said Biden gave his message on Easter Monday at the Blue Room Balcony of the White House, flanked by an Easter Bunny mascot wearing a mask.

Biden's message focused on the impact of COVID-19 and the second year of the pandemic and cited Scripture, saying "Joy cometh in the morning" as a sign of hope all could look forward to because "anything is possible" in rebuilding the nation "with faith, hope, and love."