News outlets share very depressing, even anger-inciting reports today. This is because of the increase in lawlessness and ungodliness in society, which results from turning away from God or disobeying His Word as written in the Bible.

Take, for example, recent reports about how pastors in Canada are being thrown into prison simply for holding worship services amid COVID. Or reports of churches and pastors in America being fined thousands of dollars for holding worship gatherings. All while the same leaders who make the rules used to harass churches, break the restrictions they mandated.

Also consider how society has taken a wrong turn to condemn Biblical beliefs and convictions which, if followed, will bless the nation. Reports indicate how a certain school board suspended a Christian teacher for refusing to teach kids to accept LGBT lifestyles, how a certain university threatened to cut ties to faith-based hospitals unless these medical institutions violate their beliefs, and so on.

Lastly, consider recent reports revealing many things that many conservatives have thought of. Some reports indicate that the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol was instigated by leftists. Reports also indicate that a government "operator" was there working behind the scenes. Other reports reveal that peaceful Trump supporters were on the receiving end of attacks from Capitol police themselves.

Earlier reports also reveal that voter fraud happened, not just in one state, but in several states. The recent and currently ongoing audits confirm that there have been many anomalies putting President Joe Biden's win in serious question. Yet, he sits in office and continues to issue orders forcing Christians to violate their beliefs, either by funding abortions, letting biological males compete with females in sports, and more.

What's happening today will really make people feel bad, even worried for the future. That is, if they let it.

Protecting one's thoughts

Prophetic minister Lance Wallnau of 7M Underground and Real America's Voice's "Firewall with Lance Wallnau" provides believers with a very timely and very powerful reminder via a Facebook post.

Wallnau says Christians can overcome and not let these things cause depression and hopelessness by intentionally choosing to think of the future according to God's Word, not according to the world.

"What if we could pre-play the future that God wants to manifest rather than replaying the moments when things didn't work out?" he said.

He said that according to Ephesians 6, Christians have been given the armor of God, and one of the key pieces completing this armor is the helmet of salvation, mentioned in Ephesians 6:17.

"Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God."

"This helmet has a few key characteristics," he said. "Its primary purpose is to protect your mind-your thought life. Satan has a mind and so do the minions of malicious spirits that do his bidding. Their task is to penetrate your thought life."

Interestingly, this helmet is also known as a "helmet of 'hope'" according to 1 Thessalonians 5:1, Wallnau emphasized.

"This could be described as the supernatural ability to keep a tightly insulated thought life against all intruding toxic thoughts and faith-robbing negativity," he explained.

"Individuals who keep their helmets firm have trained themselves to avoid self-sabotaging self-talk as they partner with God in His plans and promises for their present and future," he added.

Preventing self-sabotage

Wallnau then outlined three habits that Christians can and should develop to avoid dwelling on things that would cause them to sabotage God's plan for their lives.

First is to Record things happening throughout the day on a daily basis. Wallnau says "You would be surprised at how many sacred moments occur in a 24-hour period." In order to discover the spiritual significance of these moments, believers will need to record them in a journal so they can review what happened at the end of each day.

"Too frequently, we miss those God-moments that, whether they seem large or small, are truly sensational," he said.

Second is to Rehearse. Christians will need to keep on replaying to themselves who God is and just how faithful He is, instead of continually thinking about what went wrong in their lives.

"Remind yourself of who God is. Look upon the whole of your life and one word about God will stand out-His faithfulness! Replay every victory you've ever had before you make a critical decision. Do this on purpose, because if you're not careful, without a helmet to intercept them, you'll start replaying the tape of what has gone wrong in the past," he said.

Lastly, Wallnau says to Pre-play what God wants for the future. Instead of using one's imagination to think about how things will go wrong, or how things will just become worse, Wallnau urges Christians to "[load] up your thought life with times when things went brilliantly," then using one's imagination "to rehearse what you believe God wants to do."

"Mental rehearsal is the discipline of Olympic champions and miracle workers alike. Keep a visual image of what you're aiming for-the outcome the Bible promises,"he said. "Do this and watch what happens."