Anti-God Group Names Anthony Fauci As The ‘2021 Humanist Of The Year’

Anthony Fauci

Aside from getting the public's attention due to his leaked emails which proved his mismanagement and misleading of Americans with regards to COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Fauci is now getting some attention for receiving an award from an atheist group, praising his "commitment to accessible, evidence-based information."

The American Humanist Association, an atheist group that proudly claims to be "good without a God," has awarded Fauci with the "2021 Humanist of the Year" award, the highest recognition that the group can give to any person who doesn't believe in God.

The AHA's Director, Roy Speckhardt, explained that they have chosen to give the honor to Fauci for his contributions at this current time.

"We are honored that Dr. Fauci will receive our highest award at the AHA's 80th Annual Conference. His unwavering commitment to accessible, evidence-based information and his robust communication to people about public health issues is commendable and necessary, especially in this critical time," Speckhardt said.

The group noted that Fauci, who leads the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) at the controversial National Institutes of Health (NIH), has made many "pivotal contributions" to basic and clinical research.

It added that Fauci is "respected" for his efforts to "address COVID-19," and is known for his "push for evidence-based solutions and emphasis on the importance of science and reason" as a "guiding light" for "difficult times."

The atheist group proudly said Fauci has "identified as a humanist" who aligns with humanist values. The controversial scientist reportedly said he believes in the "goodness of mankind" and is less interested in "organized religion."

Such a group, apologist Ken Ham says, "is anti-God, anti-Bible, anti-science (anti-creation, pro-abortion, supports LGBT, etc.), has an anti-Christian worldview, and views all of reality (all of life) through the lens of naturalism (atheism)."

As such, since they are "not for Christ," they "have an anti-God agenda." Thus Fauci's award.

Interesting to note

It's worth noting that earlier reports refute all of the atheist group's praises for Fauci who was been placed in hot water time and again during the course of the pandemic, which first spread in a residential area between two Chinese institutions.


First, while the American Humanist Society claims Fauci pushed for evidence-based information, the controversial NIAID Director himself said there's no scientific basis to some of his announcements, foremost of which involves the use of face masks against COVID. To make things worse, he once advocated for double-masking, which doesn't have any basis at all.

"Robust communication"

Second, his emails, which were made available for public scrutiny thanks of FOIA requests, revealed their systematic efforts to mislead Americans with regards to information about COVID-19. One of the evidences comes via his efforts to downplay the Wuhan lab leak theory when it first came out, simply because former President Donald Trump and the Republicans were the ones advocating for it.

"Unwavering commitment to accessible information"

Third, it's also worth noting that some scientists revealed, only recently, that they could not openly show their support for the Wuhan lab leak theory simply because "Fauci and his gang" could do something for them to lose their careers. Fauci even kept the Trump administration in the dark with regards to the experiments that resulted in the pandemic.

"Importance of science and reason"

Fourth, it's equally important to note that while Fauci advocated for lockdowns, particularly against Christian churches and other places of worship, he also encouraged people to mingle with other people in cruises - a seeming contradiction of policy (social distancing) and common sense.

"communication about ... public health issues"

Lastly, while the atheist group praises Fauci's efforts in public health issues, it's a fact that the lockdowns and masks he pushed for didn't actually result in improved living conditions. Previous reports indicated that masks were ineffective against COVID and were bad for the user's overall health, had negative effects on the wearer's health, and exposed them to pathogens. Lockdowns or shelter-in-place policies, on the other hand, were linked to more deaths amid COVID-19.