Children’s Toy Manufacturer Indoctrinating Employees With Woke, Racist, Anti-Bible Ideologies

David Johnson
David Johnson, packaging engineer at Hasbro, speaks to Project Veritas and reveals the company's plans to indoctrinate young kids with ungodly ideologies. |

In a new explosive interview by Project Veritas's founder James O'Keefe, a Hasbro contractor by the name of David Johnson reveals how the children's toy manufacturer is indoctrinating employees with critical race theory ideologies and woke racism.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Johnson is a packaging engineer at Harvey Nash, which is contracting with Hasbro, a company that is "attempting to covertly push CRT, critical race theory, through branding and messaging through their products," he explained.

Johnson claims that he was forced to participate in critical race theory training and showed an insider video in which The Conscious Kid co-founders Katie Ishizuka and Ramón Stephens lectured the company's employees on the inherent racism of infants. The Conscious Kid is an "education, research, and policy organization dedicated to equity and promoting healthy racial identity development in youth."

The video showed how The Conscious Kid's founders was "working with Hasbro to teach children about racial bias at an early age" through its own program. The video also showed several materials from the program's website and talked about how "children show racial bias at an early age as young as three to six months."

Ishizuka and Stephens insisted that children are "capable of intentionally expressing racial bias" as young as three years old and that children can be "as racist as adults" when they reach five to six years old. Johnson, who acknowledges his whistleblower position, said that "This isn't something I want to do; this is something I felt I had to do. This is a hill worth dying on."

Johnson argued that "it's absurd to just state as fact that at two-years old-that children are going to be racist, and using race to reason about who they're going to play with, and discriminating based on," The Post Millennial reported.

The packaging engineer at the children's toy manufacturer admitted that he's seen critical race theory ideology "a lot over the past seven years" but felt it was "astounding" to have it "so in-my-face" at his place of work. He felt that it was "absurd" for the company to state categorically that, at five years old, your children are as racist as the adults- which is implying that the parents are also racist in some manner."

In the interview with Project Veritas, Johnson said he believes that Hasbro is indoctrinating employees with woke racism because they want to "introduce children into racial bias" even before they even understand concepts such as race and racism. He argued that The Conscious Kid is trying to use Hasbro and force the children's toy manufacturer to "push their principles through all levels of their product marketing and packaging."

Johnson questioned these woke folks as to why they're "trying to get people to see the world in terms of race" when they are the very same people who complain about discrimination and privilege. He argued that racism does exist, but teaching such concepts at an early age doesn't decrease racism, it only exacerbates it.

Apologist Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis and the Ark Encounter, stated that children are not born racist, contrary to what The Conscious Kids' founders Ishizuka and Stephens are advocating. He said presenting racism to kids distracts from the real issues surrounding the "sin of racism" and only perpetrates "racism by pitting groups against one another."

Ham said it is important to teach racism to children based on a Biblical worldview. He said that according to the Word of God, there's only one race - the human race - since all humans descend from Adam and Eve, as stipulated in the book of Genesis.

Dr. Voddie Baucham also condemned CRT and called it a "religion without grace." He said this "demonic ideology," which has its roots in Marxism, has a "sinister aspect" that has "really led people astray." It has done nothing but create a "false divide" between people based on the color of their skin: be they black or white. Baucham said the solution to CRT is the Gospel of Christ.