Trump Impeachment: Republicans Unconvinced After Listening To Hours Of Democrats’ Arguments

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham

As the impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump proceeds, Republicans remain unconvinced even after listening to hours of Democrats' arguments, reports said.

CBN News reported that many republican senators remain unconvinced despite spending hours listening to House Impeachment Managers accuse Trump of "inciting insurrection" during the violent riot on Jan. 6 in the U.S. Capitol. The basis for "inciting the insurrection," as they say, was Trump's speech during the Save America Rally that called on supporters to "fight" and for repeatedly challenging the results of the elections.

As per CBN News, the House Managers have to convince 17 Republicans--or at least two thirds of the Senate--to convict trump of the impeachment charges. Trump is the only president in America's history to undergo impeachment twice and to be put on trial even after leaving the presidency.

CBN News cited Missouri Senator Josh Hawley for finding the prosecution "predictable" after being presented with publicly-available information. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson found the trial "tedious" and just wants to "be done with this." Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe commended the Democrats for putting "a real good team together" though he found that they didn't say anything that "has changed any votes."

In similar news, Newsweek reported on South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham declaring that the number of "not guilty" votes were actually "growing" after what transpired on Wednesday's hearing.

"The 'Not Guilty' vote is growing after today. I think most Republicans found the presentation by the House Managers offensive and absurd," he said in Twitter.

Newsweek said the House managers played "graphic, never-before seen video footage" on the Capitol violence and linked Trump with the "extremist right-wing group" Proud Boys whom he allegedly instructed to "stand back and stand by" during the September 2020 presidential debate and to act under his "orders" last Jan. 6.

"The managers have got this cockamamie idea, an absurd theory that Donald Trump was monitoring the Proud Boys website and other far-right websites and he and Dan Scavino knew this was going to happen and they encouraged it. That is Looney Tunes," Graham stressed.

As per Newsweek, there were seven Proud Boys present in the said riot who were charged already. One of those arrested testified that Trump ordered him to be there.

CBN News added that House prosecutors would not call witnesses especially since Trump has declined to testify while Biden has announced to reporters previously that he will not be watching the trial. He has been avoiding giving weight on the trial and have declared through Press Secretary Jen Psaki that he would "not be a commentator" to it. Instead, Biden will focus on his COVID-19 relief bill's approval in Congress.

Meanwhile, Fox News' Hannity broadcasted that the "Democrats impeachment obsession has completely backfired against Capitol Hill" because it "violates their own standards, they themselves would be guilty of inciting insurrection" not to mention that the "impeachment trial is devoid of facts."

It also reported that Hawley raised as "a provocative choice" California Representative Eric Swalwell's appointment as House impeachment manager since he is "somebody who's part of a Chinese espionage ring."

After the second day of the trial, the GOP and the Senate Republicans took to twitter to voice their contradiction to what is happening in Congress.

"With round two of impeachment underway, Americans can see the Democrats' political games on full display. Meanwhile, Republicans continue to fight to get people back to work," GOP said.

To which the Senate Republicans added, "The Senate should work together to defeat coronavirus. The Senate should work together to rebuild our economy. The Senate should NOT spend countless hours on another impeachment trial. We can't afford to waste time. And it will only divide us further."